Panthers ready for playoffs already!

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Panthers ready for playoffs already! Empty Panthers ready for playoffs already!

Post  Shady Panthers on Sat Sep 29, 2012 11:28 am

As the carolina panthers were in a 3 game win streak , the go into new orleans with a L . They had a very close game until the end . Lets see what quarter back Cam Newton has to say ......
Cam - " It was a fantastic game . The score was JUST 7-0 until late in the 3rd quarter . That tells you both of our defenses were ON POINT ! We had a chance but we dropped easily thrown balls and drew brees and Darren Spoles countered on it . It was sorta like a late blowout . It's ok we wanted to win but we came out that locker room feeling great . Time for the Atlanta Falcons my prediction - BLOWOUT . " Thanks Cam that's all we have here at Virginia . Until then SEEYA

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