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Jaguars R Having A Monster Year Yet Again! I caught up with the Jaguars and their Offense at a Jacksonville Local Bar after the game in the close win against the COLTS. After a few drinks, QB Sam Bradford quoted "I should start throwing Left-Handed, So the Game can be a little more difficult on the GRIDIRON. But until our Defensive Coordinator can step it up & call better defensive plays in the 2nd Half, I shall continue to throw Right-Handed. "While during the interview Bradford cracked some jokes " Hell, see those Mountains Over There? I can throw a football over those mountains, shoot I can probally throw a football a quarter of mile if I wanted to." J.Blackmon,L. Robinson, J.Knox,M.Thomas & the Rest of the O-Line, Laughed & Chuckled Hysterically. During the evening I tried to interview Maurice Jones-Drew, but he seemed upset and didnt really want to talk about it. After a few drinks MJD opened up, "I'm not mad at Mr. Goodell for denying my trade with Minnesota, Because I know I'll end up there either way. I'm just upset because my jersey #32 was taken from me and atop of that, I got 4 baby's mama always bugging me about CHILD SUPPORT MONEY & my own kids don't even like me.(Sighs) Man I should of never partied with Mark Brunell,Paul Posluszny and Jack Del Rio in my younger years." After the interview MJD walked out of the BAR yelling "And hand me the f***ing ball." As closing time approached, the Offensive Starters of the Jaguars made 2nd String QB Blaine Gabbert pick up the CHECK of a whopping $32,000 tab. Let's just say it was an Positive Awkward Night. GO JAGUARS!!! -The Snitch Shocked reporting for the Jacksonville Local Newspaper


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